5 Best Edtech Apps to Maximize Student Engagement

The world in recent years has been moving towards tech, especially when it comes to education. The pandemic acted as a catalyst for edtech companies as the need for remote, accessible learning options skyrocketed. With no end in sight, many educators, parents and guardians have adopted the use of tech to ensure that kids get the best education without being at risk of losing ground due to quarantine guidelines.

As talk of the risks of too much “screen time” grows alongside the move to educational apps and digital learning, we wanted to explore apps that seem to really maximize student engagement and learning.


Are you looking for a refreshing way to introduce gaming and healthy competition into your learning schedule? Kahoot ticks all the boxes. This is one of the most engaging Edtech apps utilized by millions globally.

Kahoot is designed to cover countless topics, including math, English, science, phonics and general world knowledge. It aims to boost the student’s mental awareness of the surroundings, pursue excellence and rewards as they study. Even better, it comes in any language, allowing students anywhere to learn unhindered.


The stress, anxiety, depression and confusion caused by the pandemic have left a lot of parents, teachers and students in a bad mental state which has made inspiring students toward academic growth increasingly difficult. This is the problem that Headspace was created to solve. Through the use of interactive meditation sessions and group sessions, students can partake to improve their mental health.


And no, this is not another puzzle app. It engages the students in using video and photography tools. Edpuzzle is a fun, educational video-making tool that allows students to create and upload videos of themselves performing their assignments to their teachers. This app teaches you editing skills, voiceovers and more. Overall, it is a great starting tool for kids that love to be behind (or in front of) the camera.


This app lets teachers and students dialogue in a virtual classroom without restrictions.

It is similar to other chat apps such as Skype because it allows teachers to create channels and invite students. Chatzy allows freedom to talk, ask questions, get quick answers from the teacher and fellow students, and promotes collaboration and diplomacy in discussions. It does not require any registration and is a great way to interact with peers.

Pear Deck

This is another excellent learning and educational app that allows students to engage and connect with the teacher. Pear Deck has an app for teams that enables teachers to group students in small learning groups to boost collaborative and interactive learning sessions over assignments, projects or other school work.

If your objective is to ensure maximum engagement and interaction among students, then these apps are a great place to start. Education and technology are here to stay, and as the world is moving on to a new normal we must ensure that kids know that they can achieve more from their tech devices.


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