Continuum Program

Managing a school’s tech ecosystem can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Continuum is an annual full life cycle program. It’s designed to simplify the purchase process, complete repairs faster, and streamline budget planning. It is the first end-to-end solution for K-12 school student device management.

School Year Preparation

  • 1Initial Device Purchase

    Select devices that meet your school’s specific needs. We handle the pre-configuration and deliver them right to your door. Plan to sell your devices in 4 years? Use your buyback credit early in your initial sale.

  • 2Classroom Setup

    We provide user-friendly scanners for each classroom, ensuring seamless device assignment.

  • 3Device Allocation

    On the first day of school, teachers simply scan a student’s ID and the device, integrating them into RocketTM.

Maintenance Made Easy

  • 1Instant Ticketing

    Experience a hiccup? Students and staff can easily create a ticket for repairs.

  • 2Loaner Devices

    We provide a temporary replacement so the learning is not disrupted.

  • 2Weekly Pick-Ups

    Our drivers pick up and drop off devices for repair on a fixed schedule, taking the load off your tech department.

Real-Time Monitoring & KPIs

  • 1RocketTM Asset Management

    Track all your help desk and technology KPIs in one system. Rocket is entirely free with unlimited users. Follow the device’s journey from repair to return, all updated in real-time on the dashboard. Transparency matters.

  • 2Quarterly Check-Ins

    Your happiness matters. We’ll check in so we can learn how we can do better. We’ll also help you strategize for the next school year based on your budget, repair rate, needs, and device preference. Our job is to make you look good.

End-of-Life & Budget Planning

  • 1Sustainable Replacements

    At the end of a device’s life cycle, we pick it up and offset its value against your new purchase

  • 2Fixed Costs

    Plan your budget with confidence. No hidden fees or surprise costs.

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