How to Defend Your School’s Devices

Giving your students new devices can be an exhilarating experience for them, but seeing them break those new devices can be a horrible experience for you. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop your students from breaking them, but there are ways to help prevent it. Today we are going to show you three methods to protect your school’s devices.

  1. Protective Cases
    student works on new school computerCases are probably the best method of device protection. They protect iPads, MacBooks, and Chromebooks alike. Although cases are not entirely student proof, they do protect against drops and scratches. Cases are also a great way to personalize your school’s devices. Gumdrop is an excellent case brand that will print your school’s branding directly onto their cases. Your school’s branding will show ownership of the devices as well as add some style to your school.
  2. Screen Protectors
    Screens can be the most fragile part of some devices, and screen protectors are a great way to defend them. Since they are one big screen, iPads are incredibly prone to broken displays. Tempered glass is the best way to combat this issue. It protects from scratches and adds a protective layer to your screen that could keep it from shattering if dropped.
  3. Software Security
    Software security is essential when it comes to protecting your student’s devices and their information. Two simple methods you can use to keep your devices secure are simply putting passcodes on them and keeping them updated. Those two methods will help keep people out physically and virtually.

Student proofing your devices is nearly impossible, but we are confident that these three methods will make a big difference in protecting them. If you need help defending your devices, we offer personalized Gumdrop cases and tempered glass. Contact us at if you have any questions or would like to know more.


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Zachary Marvel

Zachary Marvel joined the team in 2017 with the goal of growing K-12 Tech on a national level. While studying economics at Ball State University, Zach observed the increasing demand for local electronics repair services. In 2012, Zach started his first electronics repair company, expanding to three walk-in repair locations and working with a handful of the surrounding school districts to repair their student devices. Upon graduating, Zach commissioned as a finance officer in the Army National Guard. Zach continued to grow both his walk-in repair businesses as well as his school focused operations, and within three years time, the business was servicing over 30 school districts. His vision for K-12 Tech is to create the first full-service electronics repair company in the K-12 industry.

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