The Importance of E-Waste Recycling

Getting a new projector for your classroom or buying a new monitor for your office can be pretty exciting, but what should you do with the old ones? Recycling is the best thing you can do with those old devices, and today I’m going to tell you the importance of e-waste recycling.

Electronics can be hard on the environment. When discarded, they end up in landfills where they will e-waste lies out flat eventually begin to decompose. Electronics are made up of several toxic materials such as mercury, lead, and cadmium. When decomposition begins, these materials will start to seep into the ground with rainwater. Ultimately, those toxic materials will find their way into water sources. A lack of e-waste recycling is a significant issue in China, where they do not recycle their electronics. China has one of the highest recorded levels of cancer and lead poisoning in the world, which is linked to this issue.

Besides the environmental impact, e-waste recycling helps with the production of new technology. If you have your technology recycled, it will be taken to a facility where the devices will be disassembled and sorted for parts. Those parts will then be remade and used in new technology. The reuse of components will save the manufacturer time, money, and resources while allowing them to turn your old device into a new one.

E-waste recycling is environmentally friendly and allows for the production of new electronics, but how should your school go about doing this? When it comes to e-waste recycling, K-12 Tech has you covered. We provide free pickup and recycling for all of your old electronic devices. We also offer buybacks for any of those devices that may have value. If you’re ready to clean out your cluttered tech room, contact us at to learn how we could help you achieve that.


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Zachary Marvel

Zachary Marvel joined the team in 2017 with the goal of growing K-12 Tech on a national level. While studying economics at Ball State University, Zach observed the increasing demand for local electronics repair services. In 2012, Zach started his first electronics repair company, expanding to three walk-in repair locations and working with a handful of the surrounding school districts to repair their student devices. Upon graduating, Zach commissioned as a finance officer in the Army National Guard. Zach continued to grow both his walk-in repair businesses as well as his school focused operations, and within three years time, the business was servicing over 30 school districts. His vision for K-12 Tech is to create the first full-service electronics repair company in the K-12 industry.

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