Edtech Trends to Look Out For In 2022

Technology and education have always gone hand in hand, but the pandemic demonstrated that more could be accomplished with technology in educating students. Now that we are facing another threat with the Omicron variant, it is clear that online education is here to stay, as more schools might be locked down.

So, as the world of education integrates digital tools, these are some top edtech trends to look out for in 2022.

Interactive learning platforms

Today, there are social environments or spaces where kids can relate and engage with their classmates on others educative platforms. While some platforms foster better relationships between students and teachers, others track a child’s progress and reward them appropriately.

These interactive learning platforms also enable the student to interact with other students, share ideas, work on projects, homework, and deliberate on assignments. Overall, the interactive learning platform will allow students to enjoy the convenience of a classroom scene from the comfort of wherever they are across the world.

AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are disrupting ecosystems, and the education sector is not left out. Although there is still more to learn in AI and ML learning systems, these tools will enable successful and consistent tutoring for the teacher.

Furthermore, teachers can create personalized learning drafts for each student, enabling them to not only learn according to their capacity but also enjoy learning.

In 2022, AI and ML learning systems are recommended to allow students to engage with the appropriate content for their careers instead of doing too much impractical content.

This sophisticated system will fine-tune the education system now and in the future.


Games are already used in teaching, so it is not new. However, with the state of things in the country, this might be a system to keep students engaged for rewards. 2022 will see more gamified content as an effective way to teach, share, interact, and collaborate on schoolwork.

Examples of gamified learning applications include Kahoot!, Gimkit, Class Dojo, and Esports programs that allow students to be more dynamic, engaging and build healthy competition spirit.

Personalized learning

As technology permeates the learning environment, there is no better time than now to propagate personalized learning to boost students’ grades and enthusiasm for school work.

This system of learning has been preached by edtech evangelists for ages, and the pandemic made it a reality.

While regular, in-person school is satisfactory for many students, some students find themselves lagging behind with a teacher that cannot go afford to backtrack as the curriculum must be completed. Personalized learning tracks the progress of each child to create a program to help them learn and catch up with the rest of the class.

Finally, even though the last two years have tested every facet of our lives, they have also proved the effectiveness of technology in remote learning. Edtech trends have the potential to bridge the gap as they revolutionize the education sector.


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Zachary Marvel

Zachary Marvel joined the team in 2017 with the goal of growing K-12 Tech on a national level. While studying economics at Ball State University, Zach observed the increasing demand for local electronics repair services. In 2012, Zach started his first electronics repair company, expanding to three walk-in repair locations and working with a handful of the surrounding school districts to repair their student devices. Upon graduating, Zach commissioned as a finance officer in the Army National Guard. Zach continued to grow both his walk-in repair businesses as well as his school focused operations, and within three years time, the business was servicing over 30 school districts. His vision for K-12 Tech is to create the first full-service electronics repair company in the K-12 industry.

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