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Hello you’re listening to the K12 Tech Podcast, bringing you insights into the world of education technology. Stay tuned as we discuss the past, the present and most importantly the future of technology in our schools. 

Hello and welcome to episode 1 of the K12 Tech Podcast. My name is Zack Marvel and I will be the host of this show. I’m excited to be here with you all. I decided to start this podcast for one simple reason: to help K through 12 school administrators make the best decisions regarding managing the tech in their respective institutions. So on this flagship episode I’d just like to introduce myself a little bit as well as introduce what the vision is for the podcast and what you, the listener, can hope to glean from listening. So I’ve been in the edtech industry now for 9 years, working with over 100 school districts. It’s really important in this industry to remember what we are all working toward, which is providing what these students need to get the most out of their technology in order to, ultimately, get the most out of their education. So, with that in mind, we are going to be covering topics like what causes high breakage rates in schools, some what not to do scenarios that we’ve encountered, pros and cons of Apple versus Google within the school environment, and how schools handle disciplinary actions concerning multiple breaks as well as how students can get the most out of their tech. The plan is to have school administrators, specifically tech directors, join us for some insightful chats and even some funny stories of what they’ve learned along the way. So that’s where we’re headed. Please like and subscribe if you’d like to join us as we dive in. Feedback is always appreciated. Find this podcast anywhere that podcasts can be found. That’s it for today. Thanks for listening.

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