Pickup Repairs

Lugging countless broken devices to a repair shop can be an exhausting task for your IT department. Instead, enlist the help of K-12 Tech! We proudly offer local pickup options for most schools in Indiana and Ohio.

Once we pick up your school’s broken technology– whether it be laptops, iPads, or Chromebooks– we will take it back to our repair depot where experienced technicians will work on the devices and perform any necessary repairs. Once all repairs are completed, we will promptly delivery your school’s devices back to you.

To get on our route and have your devices picked up and dropped off by one of our friendly technicians, contact K-12 Tech today!

Bring All of Your School’s Technology Needs Under One Roof!

With professional electronics repair technicians and a comprehensive approach to school technology, our service centers are able to to bring all of your technology needs under one roof!

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