Top 5 Learning Apps for Kids of Different Ages in 2022

Technology has allowed school systems to incorporate applications to the learning style of kids of different ages. Now, we live in a world where kids are able to gain substantial knowledge about topics taught in school all from learning apps. Tech directors have found new ways to make learning fun and more engaging to keep the kids engrossed in these learning apps. Therefore, we will look at some of the best learning apps for kids of different ages in this article.

Homer Learning

Many online educational websites have pitched the Homer learning app as one of the best if not the winning platform for kids to learn. The application has a free feature and also paid subscription of about $9 per month and $59 per year. More importantly, it has over 1,000 learning activities that are in several topics and subjects to help improve the critical thinking skills of kids from ages 2 – 8. The app is kid-friendly with activities that keep them engaged and is also easy to use. Kids can easily drag items on the screen and learn based on their age, capacity, and style.

ABC Mouse

This is another fun and educative application for kids through the ages of 2 – 8. It helps kids recognize letters, improve math and enhance their thinking process. Plus, it is fun as kids can earn badges and rewards which will decorate their virtual classrooms. It is also child-friendly as parents, schools, and directors can be sure that there will be no advertisement which could harm the child.


As the name implies, it is an iconic reading learning app for children under 12. It has a plethora of books that children can read to improve their comprehension and mastery of English. Plus, schools and parents can track the progress of their kids as time goes on. There are also rewards for each task completed by the kid which serves as a motivation to do even more.


This is one of the most exciting speech-learning applications today. It makes pronunciation exercises fun for kids of ages 2 – 5. Kids use the Starfall app to recognize words, letters and improve their memory. The application is supported by Android and Apple devices. There are great graphics and illustrations that keep the kids engaged all through the lesson. Furthermore, schools that incorporate this app into their curriculum can also track the progress of each child.


Many people love this app as it exposes them to up to 34 different languages. If a school is looking to introduce kids to a new language, Duolingo is just the app for it. With each course having different modules, it is easy for each student to target what specific areas they need to work on. There is also a paid package which is $12.99 per month.


These apps help to focus on different aspects of a child’s learning and expand the mind to think more creatively and critically. They all have both paid and free subscription packages, but it is best to opt for the former. This is because you get unlimited access to the app. It is also important to incorporate these apps in the learning program of skills to enhance their abilities.


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