K-12 Tech Has Upgraded to Serve You Better

For over ten years, K-12 Tech has been the nation’s central source for student device programs, as well as maintenance, and repair servicing. Our educational partners across the country have enjoyed our 1-on-1 rollouts, device protection plans, and tech training courses which empower classrooms and student learning initiatives across all grades.

We’re always looking for new ways to add extra expertise and offer new levels of service to our schooling partners.

K-12 Tech is excited to announce one of our most recent mergers with Apple Crossing, which now works under the K-12 Tech brand.

Apple Crossing spent nearly five years providing support to K-12 schools for their Apple device upkeep and repairs. All services and clientele that once went through them are now dealt with by our main company-which is why some of you who dealt directly with Apple Crossing in the past are now receiving communications from K-12 Tech Repairs.

We hope you continue to rely on us for all your educational device needs. Our scope of technical experience and history of school partnerships lets us understand how K-12 institutes work and what they need.

With K-12 Tech, you enjoy:

  • Free local device pickup and delivery.
  • Single-device or full-fleet management.
  • No shipping costs.
  • Expert support from K-12 tech specialists.
  • Accidental damage protection.
  • Complete repair warranties.

Want to keep repairs in-house at your school? No problem! We keep a wide range of parts in stock that you can purchase directly from us and know you’re getting exactly what you need for your student devices.

As we move forward, we want to ensure you know where to address all future questions, concerns, or repair/purchase requests. Here’s who to contact:

  • Service: Send all requests for quality control, service repair, pickup/delivery, and device repair status reports to [email protected].
  • Sales: Submit all purchase orders, quote requests, and anything sales-related to [email protected].
  • Billing: Send all invoice questions or billing matters to [email protected].

Our general customer service number for all your needs is 800-630-4955, and you’ll be directed to the specific team members who can best handle your situation.

Stay tuned for even more new features we’ll be launching over the next year, such as service ticket monitoring and data analytics!


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Zachary Marvel photo
Zachary Marvel

Zachary Marvel joined the team in 2017 with the goal of growing K-12 Tech on a national level. While studying economics at Ball State University, Zach observed the increasing demand for local electronics repair services. In 2012, Zach started his first electronics repair company, expanding to three walk-in repair locations and working with a handful of the surrounding school districts to repair their student devices. Upon graduating, Zach commissioned as a finance officer in the Army National Guard. Zach continued to grow both his walk-in repair businesses as well as his school focused operations, and within three years time, the business was servicing over 30 school districts. His vision for K-12 Tech is to create the first full-service electronics repair company in the K-12 industry.

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