Easy Asset, Incident,
and Help Desk

Managing a school’s tech ecosystem can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be.
We’ve designed Rocket – a comprehensive, all-in-one device management solution designed for your students and staff. It’s designed to continuously evolve with new updates and features based on your feedback.

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Simplifies the management of assets, incidents, inventory, 
and help desk tickets

All-in-One Solution

Ensures the software remains up-to-date with regular updates and improvements

Regular Updates

Saves schools money by offering a comprehensive management platform for free


Unlock the Power of Rocket

Rocket offers comprehensive management tools at no cost, unlike other software options in the market. Enjoy seamless ticketing, inventory management, and incident tracking, all customized with your school’s branding.
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Parental Option Coverage

We’re the only software that allows you to charge parents for the repair, preserving your budget.

Track data that matters most

Manage more than just physical assets. Track software, spare parts, and billing information. View storage location, previous ownership, serial #, purchase dates, warranty details, part numbers (MPN), and more.

Instant Ticketing

Staff can easily create a ticket for repairs. Need to ship in a device? Print your shipping labels directly from the system.

Bulk Data Management

Get devices into students’ hands quickly. Easily import/export tickets and device or user information. Archive graduated users. Easily check devices in and out through scanning or importing.

Transparent Data

View live dashboards and gain insights on which devices need the most repair to help you budget and plan for the upcoming school year. Export reports to share your device status with your district.


Cutting-edge cloud security with the proven safety of Google’s login infrastructure.

Repair Status

Whether you’re working on the devices in-house or with us, you can monitor each stage along the way.

Intuitive Cloud-Based Design

Gain instant access and learn easily. There’s no limit on how many users you can add. Assign staff different roles and control their access.

No Capacity Limits

Track as much information as needed.

Inventory Tracking

Manage your parts as well as the ones purchased through us.

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  • Gain complete visibility and control over your school’s assets and data.
  • Track all equipment, supplies, and resources in real-time.
  • Ensure accurate inventory management and optimization.
  • Utilize robust data tracking capabilities to monitor usage trends.
  • Do you repair in House?” Then talk about part inventory management and the ability to attach parts in stock to tickets. with Easy ordering integration
  • Analyze resource allocation and make informed decisions.
  • Customizable tracking parameters for flexibility, and maximize the value of your school’s resources.
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Discover Rocket's Features

Google Console Integration

  • Sync your Google Admin Console device information and users with just a couple clicks
  • Automatically pulls in device information, and overwrites current system data on matching serial numbers
  • Nightly automatic sync so your device data remains up to date
  • Manual sync to pull in latest changes on demand
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Discover Rocket's Features

Repair Tracking

  • Keep track of device breaks and user damage
  • Pull reports based on common device breaks
  • Utilize in-house inventory management to keep track of parts used
  • Keep tabs on the status of the device repair
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Discover Rocket's Features

Parental Option Coverage

  • Allow individual students to purchase ADP coverage for their devices
  • Custom plan creation and negotiation with K12Tech
  • Unique link for parental coverage sign up form, with available Fair Use Policy upload
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Discover Rocket's Features

Help Desk Functionality

  • Unique help desk url for each school
  • Technology and Maintenance sections for covering all school needs
  • Optional Google or Microsoft SSO for security
  • Automatic assignment to staff members based on section and building
  • Temporary link sent to submitter to view ticket details and comments
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Why Rocket Stands Out

Rocket sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive suite of management tools for K-12 schools, all at no cost. Unlike competitors that charge significant fees, Rocket is committed to building a thriving community of schools.

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“K-12 Exceeds Expectations. I’ve always been amazed at K12 Tech’s desire to customize our repair program to meet our needs. They are the definition of a company that puts the client’s needs first and routinely exceeds expectations.”

Pete Just

Former CTO, Current Owner at JustStrategics.com
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Take Control of Your School's Operations

Rocket is not just free; it’s free forever. Our goal is to empower as many schools as possible with our comprehensive suite of tools, without any barriers to access.

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Answers to the most frequently asked questions. Our Faqs
General Rocket FAQ
Why is this free?

Our competitors typically charge $1.50 per student for similar software. We originally designed this for our customers to make the repair process easier. Now we want to offer it to all schools at no cost. Our main goal is to help schools spend less and put their budget to good use.

Do I have to be a K12 Tech Customer to use the Rocket?

No, you do not need to be a customer. If you ever want to use us for services in the future the Rocket integrates into our systems to make the process simple.

Is it secure?

Yes, we host Rocket ourselves, and it’s very secure. Rocket prioritizes security with top-tier measures and hosting on secure servers. We adhere to strict data privacy principles, ensuring your information remains private and protected.

Will my school’s information be sold?

No, we strictly protect your data and will never sell individual contact information or data from Rocket. The data will only be used to help us build case studies and learnings, but our information will be securely protected and remain confidential.

How does K-12 Tech Benefit?

We believe in helping education and if we do that we hope that we will be considered when opportunities come. If not, then we at least saved your school money you would have had to spend on an alternative.

What does Rocket do?

Rocket is a comprehensive Asset, Incident, and Help Desk Ticket Management software tailored for K-12 schools, enabling Tech Directors to manage their environments efficiently through one portal.

What makes Rocket different from similar software like Incident IQ, Learn 21, and One to One Plus?

Rocket stands out as it is entirely free, with no paywalls or freemium model, unlike competitors that charge $1 to $6 per student per year. Across the US, schools could save between $48 million to $288 million annually, considering there are approximately 48 million K-12 students in the US.

What does K12 Tech gain from offering this system for free?

Our mission is to add value to education through robust technology solutions. Offering Rocket for free showcases our capabilities and the quality of our services, aligning with our mission to enhance school technology management.

What kind of support is available for non-K12 Tech customers?

While direct support is limited for non-customers, Rocket is designed to be user-friendly, complemented by an extensive online knowledge base and user guides.

How easy is it to integrate Rocket with our existing technology?

While direct support is limited for non-customers, Rocket is designed to be user-friendly, complemented by an extensive online knowledge base and user guides.

How frequently is the system updated?

Routine updates are implemented for security and feature enhancements, scheduled to minimize user disruption and communicated in advance. These are generally once a month to keep up with current issues and feature requests.

Rocket Specific FAQ
How can I change the data I am seeing on the Dashboard?

There are two options for changing what your view or the data that is being used. First is the “Arrange” button, to rearrange the graphs present on the dashboard. This is per account, so each person can see exactly what they want to see on their dashboard. The second way is “Filter”, where you can set a date range, grade, or building to filter specific data for these graphs.

How do I create a device/ticket?

To create a device, go to “Manage Devices” under Devices/Users, and click “Add Device”. The serial number is a required field, but otherwise you can choose what other information you add in.

To create a ticket, either use the “Create Ticket” button on the top row, and search for a device you have already created, or in “Manage Devices”, find the device you want to create a ticket for and use the “Create Ticket” action button. If the device is highlighted red, there is already a ticket on the device!

Why does it say there is an open ticket, but no ticket in “Open Tickets”?

Repaired tickets count as open tickets since closing a ticket has specific functionality to re-assign devices to the proper users. If you aren’t able to find the ticket in “Open Tickets”, try “Repaired Tickets” and then change their ticket status to Closed. You can also go to the “Billing” tab and mark batches as paid, and that will automatically close out all tickets in that batch.

Why does it show “School Part” and “Master Part” in the repair menu?

Those are two different styles of parts currently available, one for parts the school has in their inventory, and the other for parts on K12Tech’s master list. To add parts to your own inventory, go to “Manage Parts”, and either find the appropriate part in “Master Inventory”, or add in your own custom part using the “Add Inventory” button. You can turn off Master Parts by going to your profile picture in the top right, clicking on “Settings”, and then turning off Master Inventory parts.

How do I create shipping labels to send devices in?

Navigate to “Ship Devices”, find the tickets/devices you want to ship, and once selected hit “Create Batch”. You should see a “Ship Devices” checkbox, and you will have to enter some basic details of the devices you want to ship (important for weight) and box size. If you haven’t set an address already, you will need to put address information in. You will only need to do this once! Once you verify shipping details, you will be able to create a shipping label! See more details here.

How can I use the imports?

Depending on which data you need to import, pick the import style and template you need to use. Once the template is downloaded, delete the example information and fill in the information you have available. When all the proper information is filled out, click the import button, select your file, and then hit “Upload”. If it says import completed successfully, you should be all good! The required columns over all 4 imports are serial number, device user first and last name, user ID number, ticket number, and diagnosis notes.

Where do I access the Help Desk link?

Up in the top right, you can click the profile picture/icon in the corner, and then click on “Settings”. The top left box contains the Support Ticket URL that is custom to your school account. You can also turn on Google or Microsoft SSO for help desk tickets in this same menu.

Where can I change the address on my account?

Up in the top right, you can click the profile picture/icon in the corner, and then click on “Settings”. The box labeled “Update School Details” is where you can update your school account name, address information, and also upload your school/district logo to personalize your instance of Rocket.

How can I only see the parts on my school inventory?

Up in the top right, you can click the profile picture/icon in the corner, and then click on “Settings”. The top right box will be a selection for turning on/off the “Master Inventory” parts, which is the list of K12 Tech’s list of parts.

How can I remove graduating seniors from my user list?

Up in the top right, you can click the profile picture/icon in the corner, and then click on “Settings”. The bottom right box labeled “Archive Users” where you can select a grade of users, and remove them from your Rocket instance. This will fully delete users from the system, so be careful about deleting other grades!

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